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Stock Reservation

Introduction In this window is possible to review and manage existing Reservations. Stock reservations are mainly used to ensure the stock availability when delivering a Sales Order. Coming with this feature it is also possible to lock stock not related to any Sales Order to avoid its consumption. A reservation identifies certain stock in the warehouse that is reserved and cannot be consumed by anyone except the owner of the reservation. Currently there are 2 possible owners, a Saler Order line or the System. A reservation for a Sales Order line identifies stock that can only be consumed in shipments related to the Sales Order. A System reservation is a special reservation type that cannot be consumed by anyone. System reservations are used for Hold reservations when some stock needs to be blocked in the warehouse. The functionality developed comes with two types of reservations: Pre-Reservation: These are reservations that are not physically in the warehouse but ordered to a supplier and where there is a relationship between the line of the purchase order and a sales order line. Once the purchase order line is received this pre-reservation is automatically converted to a reservation Reservation: Refers to stock stored in the warehouse that is already reserved by a sales order line A reservation is always defined by the product that is desired to be reserved but other dimensions can be defined such as the warehouse, storage bin and attribute (i.e Colour, lots, serial number). Another interesting thing is the possibility of allocating or not the reservation: Allocated stock means that specific stock is reserved for a sales order, rather...

Openbravo ERP

Openbravo memecahkan kekakuan solusi ERP tradisional, dengan web user interface yang sangat produktif dan analisis yang kuat untuk membantu perusahaan agar berhasil dalam pasar yang sangat dinamis saat ini.

Why Openbravo ERP ?

Kenapa harus Openbravo ERP??

– Memenuhi kebutuhan manajemen perusahaan yang kompleks karena didukung oleh banyak fungsionalitas termasuk: produksi, pergudangan, penjualan, keuangan, proyek dan manajemen pelayanan, dll.