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Openbravo is functionally rich and adaptable to your business processes!


  1. Procurement Management (Procure to Pay) : Integrate your inventory and your demand with your supply management processes and drive your purchases.
  2. Sales Management (Order to Cash) : Be in control of your revenues processes from proposal to collection and provide a better customer service by having a customer centric visibility.
  3. Warehouse Management (Inventory Mgt) : Proactively manage inventory and costs with easy real time access to on hand or in transit inventory, and easy self-serve sharing of inventory information with suppliers.
  4. Finance and Accounting (Financial  Mgt) : Integrate all accounting activities including accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, budgeting, assets amortization, and the management of fiscal periods.
  5. Project and Service Management* : Have full control of your projects expenses and revenues to effectively track their profitability. Easily navigate through all project related documents and transactions.
  6. Production Management* : Accurately model and plan production, respond to changing customer demands, meet strict compliance requirements and integrate with suppliers and other systems.
  7. Material Requirement Planning (MRP)*

* Openbravo Professional version