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  1. Professional Open Source : Minimal Upfront Investment Subscription model allows “pay as you go” customer control, and avoidance of capital expense
  2. 100% Web Architecture : To assure accessability with the minimum resources.
  3. 100% Open Standars : To assure maximun integration and easy maintanace.
  4. Modular Platform : Easy to adapt new modules on top of a solid out-of-the-box funcitionality, and increase on features with commercial modules.
  5. Scalable Platform and easy installation : That allows different deployment option(“appliance”, “custom”, “in the cloud”) and assure future growing.




  Be Differentiated : Adapt the system your way for competitiveness


  Adapt for competitiveness

  • Leverage broad available functionality that can be easily extended
  • Gain absolute control of customizations thanks to a modular architecture
  • Extend your system by easily integrating with other systems
  • Scale to any stage of growth

  Higher staff productivity

  • Make data entry faster with multitasking and the editable grid
  • Increase teams productivity with collaboration tools like notes, attachments or direct links to documents
  • Enable end users to adapt user interface to their needs without technical assistance
  • Reduce manual work and errors with daily tasks automation

  Unique business relationships

  • Share access with trusted partners or customers thanks to being a web-based solution
  • Allow staff to access the system wherever they are thanks to being a web-based solution
  • Achieve higher operational efficiency by easily integrating with your customers or partners systems
  • Share valuable data with your partners and customers thanks to powerful analytics

 Be Truly Agile : Be fast and able to effectively adapt to rapidly changing business challenges

 Real time visibility4

  • Make more informed decisions with powerful embedded analytics
  • Recover very specific transactional information in seconds
  • Be informed in real time with alerts associated to any bussiness event
  • Leverage long list of available reports which are very easy to extend

 Mobilized organization

  • Enjoy the same architecture, simply a new client
  • Lower your hardware costs by using mainstream hardware
  • Ensure uninterrupted operations in case of connectivity loss with offline capabilities
  • Leverage existing mobile sales, procurement and warehouse functionality that can be easily extended

 Shorter time-to-market

  • Be faster when setting up operations in new geographies or launching new products
  • Achieve higher development efficiency and a more secure update process thanks to modularity
  • Adapt much faster the user interface and in a centralized way
  • Install and uninstall modules very easily with an integrated Module Administration Console

 Be In Control : Be confident and demonstrate the adoption of the right solution, now and in the future

 Affordable solution

  • Lower upfront investment thanks to subscription based pricing
  • Benefit from opensource affordability5
  • Reduce IT maintenance costs due to its web native architecture
  • Adopt an On Demand service with monthly fees and hosting included

 Secured investment

  • Have vendor warranty thanks to professional open source
  • Access to source code from day one thanks to being open source
  • Leverage prior investments with an easy to integrate solution
  • Adopt a future proof technology platform ready to support your growth today and tomorrow


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